11/5 Hangout Recap – “A Convo with God Journaling Exercise”


“Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you.” (1 Cor. 6:19)

Here’s a journaling exercise you can try (even if you don’t keep a journal) that we did in five minutes during our Hangout to acknowledge the truth of that verse.

The exercise is called “Dialoguing with God.” Make sure you read everything about this exercise before you start. The results can easily be affected if the process is not followed correctly.

In this exercise, you will be alternating the hands you write with. Every time you write with your dominant hand, it represents your voice. Every time you write with your non-dominant hand, it represents God’s voice. So if you are right-handed, when you write with your right hand, it is your voice, when you write with your left hand, it is God’s voice. You will be having a conversation with God using both of your hands to write.

Alternating hands is a way of accessing different parts of your brain that don’t often get called upon. What comes from these parts of the brain may seem like they are beyond your typical thoughts, but all of this is within you as you write.


1) Get a pen and paper (This does not work with typing) and a timer (We did this exercise in 5 minutes).

2) Start by writing a question you would like to ask God (Dominant Hand).

3) Pray about your question and ask for God’s guidance through this exercise.

4) Write God’s response (Non-Dominant Hand).

5) Continue switching between you (Dominant Hand) and God (Non-Dominant Hand) as if it were a conversation.

6) Once your designated writing time is done, reread the conversation and reflect on it.


  • Writing with your non-dominant hand is going to be difficult. God’s responses will look like a 4 year-old wrote it. Don’t worry about penmanship, punctuation, grammar, or sentence structure when you’re writing. Just write.
  • Many of us have the urge to think about writing the next sentence or next response before we even get there. DO NOT DO THIS. Just let it flow. If you need to, take it slow. Take it one word at a time if you have to. DO NOT THINK. Just let it flow.


Here’s a real example of a dialogue with God we experienced during the Hangout, punctuation and spell check added 🙂 :

Person: Why am I here? Am I cut out for this?

God: You are here. What does that say?

Person: Yes, I am here. But right now I am feeling overwhelmed. How can I just stay in touch with you?

God: Just know. Just be. Why should things change now? You’ve done it before. I chose you to do this.

Person: Then why do I not feel ready?

God: Why do you get to choose when you are ready?

All of this is just a suggested twist on journaling. You might be surprised. Enjoy.

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