One Year Anniversary!


Can you believe it? March 20, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of our first Google Hangout as a part of the ministry of the Moravian Church Without Walls (MCWW).

We did it, and we looked good while we did. Check out these photos for proof.

We played pictionary.

We considered the cross over between Beer and Hymns.

We talked about 10 Challenges Facing the Church in the Next Decade.

We thought about ways we can respond to things in the world as Christians, when the world expects a very different reactions.

We journaled to God.

We remembered the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

We thought of our lives in terms of Jelly Beans.

At the urging of Mr. Rogers we took a moment to reach out and thank those who have “loved us into being” who we are.

We are still growing what this community will fully become, but by no means is the “virtual community” a new thing in the Moravian Church. Don’t believe me? Well, then maybe this 100 Second Video Explanation by Rev. Dr. Craig Atwood, Professor at Moravian Theological Seminary will help convince you.

In this video he states that Moravians have always felt that “when we are bound together in Christ we do not need to be physically present with one another.”

This year has been one of wonderful fellowship, conversation, prayer and fun. All of these things are part of community, and we hope to keep encouraging others to join and be a part of the community with us.

Whether you have joined once, or nearly weekly, thank you for spending time with us on a Google Hangout. If you haven’t been in a while, or have never been, know, that you are always welcome!

Join us tonight, for a special 1 year anniversary hangout! Click here to join us at 8:30 pm CST.

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