Taking Action

This summer in North Carolina we studied Matthew chapter 25. We talked about how we can put our faith into action. In verses 31 to 46 we see how Jesus calls us to feed the hungry, give a drink to the thirsty, visit those who are sick and in prison, clothe the naked, and welcome the stranger.

What have you done off this list recently?

The pictures below are of campers doing a poverty simulation. They each got a profile of a person who has to deal with food insecurity, and went through the simulation trying to feed their family for a week.

We don’t expect that we really got to experience what food insecurity is actually like, but we did have a chance to grow our empathy for people in those situations. It helps us to understand just a better circumstances that play into food security, and the way we are called to respond as a church.

How do we move from a simulation into real life ministry in action?


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