The Moravian Church Without Walls is a place for Christians to come together as we grow in our faith and go out to serve the Lord. The idea for MCWW came from some young adults in the Moravian Church who had a desire to stay connected with each other and work together to develop mission opportunities.  It is all about Christians taking ownership of their faith, and taking initiative to go out and spread God’s word. MCWW has recently been focusing on using internet applications as a means to maintain interpersonal connections and faith communities. MCWW is not just for young adults anymore! It’s for anyone who would like to be a steward of the technology resources at our fingertips and experiment with new ways of practicing their faith.

MCWW Founders and Web Administrators


Justin Rabbach – Home Congregation: Ebenezer Moravian Church, Watertown, WI.
Director of Mission Engagement for the Board of World Mission, Moravian Church in North America.


Rev. Dan Miller – Home Congregation: Lake Mills Moravian Church, Lake Mills, WI.
Pastor of Edgeboro Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA.

Me and Justin 2

Join us as we find new ways to follow Jesus in the 21st century!